Faranmaye oladunjoye Junior (FOJ) Teflon

Born 25th of April 1995 in lagos, Nigeria. A graduate from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba with a BSc (Hon)s in Banking and Finance. As far as he could remember, Faranmaye Oladunjoye ( F.O.J) has always been drawing right from his very early years, using cartoons and illustrations to Express himself. In 2016, He became heavily inspired by two of the best professional illustrators of this Generation, Arinze Stanley and Kelvin Okafor and therefore decided to refine his God given gift by delving into the world of realistic Arts and illustrations. He has spent hours upon hours trying to develop this gift and grow it into it's fullest potential. Working in a genre of art known as Realism, Faranmaye Oladunjoye aims to create art that depicts a degree of emotional connection and interpretation between his audiences and his art. Ultimately, faranmaye oladunjoye creates art that prompts an emotional impression on his viewers. An impression that arouses the feelings of deep reflection,self consciousness, awareness and the appreciation of the beauty of all that surrounds us, which is Life..